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First things first,

  • What business process challenges are you facing?
  • Want to enhance interaction with customers?
  • Want to have better access to internal information?
  • Want to streamline and integrate internal processes?
  • Need to expand/update your network to accommodate current technologies?

We’ll help you define those requirements precisely, and determine what you need. Through a detailed assessment of your environment, a gap analysis is developed outlining exactly where and what changes could be made to bring about the desired result. Next we form a team with selected employees form your organization and together build a blue print for procurement and or implementation.

When we’ve worked with you through this process, the results are solutions you will feel good about – not just meeting your goals, but keeping operational costs down and giving you an edge over your competition.

managed IT247

Our automated network and infrastructure management provides you with cost certainty with respect to managing your IT systems while removing the tedium of ensuring uptime. The automated preventative maintenance and proactive management of alerts and faults reduces the need for those costly IT gothca’s.

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Consulting & BPO Services

Call on Monsoon’s experience and knowledge of data technology, manufacturing and professional services delivery to help your organization meet the pressing need to drive down costs, increase efficiency, and get a leg up on the competition. 

Areas of expertise include;

  • Lean Manufacturing: Assessment - Design - Implementation - Training
  • Manufacturing ERP: Needs Analysis - Requirements Defintion - Market Research - Solution Selection - Vendor Negotiation - Implementation
  • Human Capital ERP: Professional Services Automation and Delivery
To learn more about how Monsoon Networks Inc. can connect with you, contact us today!

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